K-HOLE is an independent contemporary art venue run by Kaninchen-Haus. It’s located in via Sant’Agostino 17, in the Quadrilatero Romano heart of Turin.

K-HOLE was first inaugurated on the occasion of the final exhibition of the experimental residence programme viadellafucina AIR, on the 9th November 2012. It is housed in a two floors plus basement XVIIth century building (360mq).

K-HOLE stands for kaninchen hole (“burrow of the rabbit”). It is a slang word which designates a subjective state of dissociation from the body, caused by strong consumption of anesthetic substances. Kaninchen-Haus aims to find again the cohesion in between aesthetic experience (of the arts, often anesthetic) and the body of the city, in order to create a multidisciplinary venue and host plenty of different events: not only exhibition but talks, concerts, readings, performances, courses, parties and dj-sets.

Exhibitions. As an exhibitions venue, it will host experimental contemporary arts projects, coherently with KaninchHaus research approach. It also will to collaborate and exchange experiences with other national and international organizations and institutions, mainly with other artists-run-spaces.

A Shared Venue. K-HOLE open its doors to associations, groups and individuals which don’t own a venue where to purpose their contents. It will to become a shared venue for co-planned activities as well as a gathering point for the area.


For any collaboration proposal please use this page.

via Sant’Agostino 17 Torino

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