Call 4 papers

KANINCHEN-HAUS with the support of Fondazione Cariplo invites young curators, critics, and theorists from different disciplines to submit contributions for the publication of the Pirate-Camp READER, a volume on the theoretical issues related to the project “Pirate-Camp / the Stateless Pavillion” ( an itinerant artists campsite whose 1st edition took place during the last Venice Biennale.

The aim of the publication is to explore, develop and reconsider in a multidisciplinary way the key tropes underlying the pirate-camp project: piracy, extraterritoriality, statelessness, temporary occupation, the camp, understood as potent concept-tools to interpret contemporary artistic and cultural practices.
The deadline for submission of abstracts (max 800 words) is March 30th 2012.
The authors of the selected contributions will be awarded 400 Euros.For further information, please visit:

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